आकृति:Language with name

मैथिली विकिपिडियासँ, एक मुक्त विश्वकोश

[[{{{2}}} भाषा|{{{2}}}]]: {{{3}}}, शा. '{{{lit}}}'

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Usage[सम्पादन करी]

Transcluded by "lang-xx" templates (like {{lang-bo}} etc.)—do not use directly.

Right-to-left[सम्पादन करी]

For languages written right-to-left, like arabic, hebrew and other, it is advised to set |rtl={{rtl}} in the language template (lang-ar, lang-he).

This adds the character आकृति:Unichar to the end of the string (the righthand side, in memory). It is an invisible formatting character, that terminates the R-to-L text. After this, (that is, directly after & outside of the template), all following text is initiated to be be left-to-right (English) again.

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