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Usage[सम्पादन करी]

This template rounds parameter 1 by parameter 2 decimal places (goes the other way for negative rounding) and includes trailing zeros.

  • {{Round|54.376|2}}
  • {{Round|54.376|-1}}
  • {{Round|68.4273E12|-10}}

For example, rounding by 1 gives 1 decimal digit, rounding by 0 gives integers, or rounding by -2 gives the amount in hundreds. Scientific notation is displayed for numbers greater than or equal to 1×109, or less than 1×10−4.

Examples[सम्पादन करी]

  • {{Round|2.0004|3}}
  • {{Round|0.000020004|7}}
  • {{Round|0|8}}
  • {{Round|154268|-3}}
  • {{Round|154568|-3}}
  • {{Round|1200004|-1}}
  • {{Round|1300004|-1}}
  • {{Round|4.1e6|9}}
  • {{Round|4.1e6|10}}
  • {{Round|1542689271|-7}}
  • {{Round|1542689271|2}}
  • {{Round|7e9|-9}}
  • {{Round|-123|1}}
  • {{Round|-1200007|-2}}
  • {{Round|-1234567899|-7}}

As with #expr, the total number of significant digits is not more than 14:

  • {{Round|1234567890.123456789|10}}
  • {{Round|123456789.0123456789|10}}
  • {{Round|.0001234567890123456789|20}}
The second parameter, precision, should be an integer. Non-integer may give unexpected result.
  • {{Round|1.234567}}
  • {{Round|1.234567|2}}
  • {{Round|1.234567|2.3}}
  • {{Round|1.234567|2.7}}

TemplateData[सम्पादन करी]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

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TemplateData for Round

Rounds (parameter 1) by (parameter 2) decimal places, and formats. Scientific notation is used for numbers greater than 1×10^9, or less than 1×10^−4.

साँचे के पैरामीटर्स[साँचा डेटा सम्पादित करें]


The number to be rounded

decimal places2

The number of decimal places, if negative the number is rounded so the last (parameter 2) digits are zero


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