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{{Abbr}} is a front-end for the HTML element <abbr>...</abbr>, the element used by most web browsers to create a tooltip indicating the meaning of an abbreviation or acronym.

Please note: Do not use {{abbr}} or <abbr> to mark up material other than abbreviations or acronyms. Using it to generate tooltips elsewhere is a misuse of the underlying HTML and causes accessibility problems.

Usage[सम्पादन करी]

{{abbr}} takes two unnamed parameters, in order:

  • short form: shows as text
  • long form: shows as the tooltip

A third unnamed parameter accepts the following values:

Named parameters:

  • class: Adds a CSS class.
  • id: Adds an HTML id; this must be unique on the entire page.
  • style: Adds a style attribute.

Examples[सम्पादन करी]

Markup Renders as
{{abbr|MSLP|Mean Sea Level Pressure}}


When hovering over the text "MSLP" then something like आकृति:Titlehint will appear as a tooltip in most browsers. Popular screen readers, used by visually impaired readers, display the long form in a different way.

Markup Renders as
{{abbr|UK|United Kingdom|class=country-name|id=foobar}}


Accessibility concerns[सम्पादन करी]

This template is intended for use with abbreviations; it is not intended to be a tool for generating tooltips. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines contain guidelines for using the <abbr> element generated by this template; see section H28: Providing definitions for abbreviations by using the abbr and acronym elements.

Redirects[सम्पादन करी]

The following template names redirect to this one:

Template data[सम्पादन करी]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

See the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Abbr

This template defines an abbreviation or acronym by creating a tooltip that is displayed on mouse-over.

साँचे के पैरामीटर्स[साँचा डेटा सम्पादित करें]

Short form1

Shows as text

Long form2

Shows as a tooltip


Applies {{IPA}} to fix strings in the International Phonetic Alphabet rendered in Internet Explorer on Windows XP


Applies {{unicode}} to fix strings in Unicode rendered in Internet Explorer on Windows XP


Adds an HTML class


Adds an HTML id


See also[सम्पादन करी]

  • {{abbrlink}}, a version of this template that includes wikilinking.
  • {{discreet abbreviation}}, a version of this template that removes the dotted underlining otherwise shown below the abbreviation/acronym.
  • {{R-phrase}}, which generates the abbreviation (the code number) for an R-phrase (a "Risk phrase", e.g. "Explosive when dry"). The R-phrase itself and a link to List of R-phrases is included in a tooltip.
  • {{clarify}}, which produces the inline superscript:  आकृति:Fake clarify