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Bollywood Hungama बलिउड हङ्गामामे

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This is a template to generate a link to the Bollywood Hungama page for a given celebrity.

Usage[सम्पादन करी]

The template has two parameters, one of which is optional. The required parameter is the ID, which is the unique code after id/ in the URL of the celebrity on the Bollywood Hungama website that identifies the absolute Uniform Resource Identifier for a celebrity. An optional second parameter, TITLE, can be used to specify the anchor text.

The following two examples demonstrate supplying numbered parameters:

* {{Bollywood Hungama|ID}}
* {{Bollywood Hungama|ID|TITLE}}

The following three examples demonstrate supplying ID and TITLE as named parameters:

* {{Bollywood Hungama|id=ID}}
* {{Bollywood Hungama|title=TITLE|id=ID}}
* {{Bollywood Hungama|id=ID|title=TITLE}}

Example[सम्पादन करी]

In the article Alia Bhatt, the following:

{{Bollywood Hungama|85672|Alia Bhatt}}

can be used to generate the following:

Alia Bhatt बलिउड हङ्गामामे