आकृति:Comma separated entries

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This template is used primarily in infoboxes to create a comma-delimited collection of items, only adding the commas where needed.

For lists of items, without bullets, use {{plainlist}}.

Usage[सम्पादन करी]


{{comma separated entries|entry1|entry2|entry3|entry4|entry5|...}}

Results in:

entry1, entry2, entry3, entry4, entry5, ...

Example[सम्पादन करी]

Code Result
{{comma separated entries|entry1|entry2|entry3|entry4}} entry1, entry2, entry3, entry4
{{comma separated entries| |entry2|entry3|entry4}} entry2, entry3, entry4
{{comma separated entries|entry1| |entry3|entry4}} entry1, entry3, entry4
{{comma separated entries|entry1|entry2| |entry4}} entry1, entry2, entry4
{{comma separated entries|entry1|entry2|entry3| }} entry1, entry2, entry3
{{comma separated entries|entry1| | | }} entry1
{{comma separated entries| |entry2| | }} entry2
{{comma separated entries| | |entry3| }} entry3
{{comma separated entries| | | |entry4}} entry4
{{comma separated entries| | | | }}
{{comma separated entries|entry1|entry2|entry3|entry4|entry5|entry6}} entry1, entry2, entry3, entry4, entry5, entry6

See also[सम्पादन करी]

  • {{br separated entries}} (displays a list with an item per line)
  • {{plainlist}} (same as above, but using regular unordered list markup)
  • {{flatlist}} (converts a regular unordered list into an inline list separated by interpuncts)
  • {{pagelist}} (formats a list of internal links as prose, using commas or "and" when appropriate)
  • {{prose list}} (formats a list using commas and "and" before the last item)
  • {{Catalog lookup link}}
  • Module:Separated entries, the Lua module used to realize this template.