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Code Template Description Supported
G1 {{db-nonsense}} Patent nonsense Yes
G2 {{db-test}} Test pages Yes
G3 {{db-vandalism}} Vandalism Yes
G4 {{db-repost}} Previously deleted by consensus Yes
G5 {{db-banned}} Posts by banned user Yes
G6 {{db-maintenance}} Housekeeping Yes
G7 {{db-author}} Request by page author Yes
G8 {{db-g8}} Talk page of or redir to deleted page Yes
G9 -- Office actions No
G10 {{db-attack}} Attack page Yes
G11 {{db-spam}} Blatant promotion Yes
G12 {{db-copyvio}} Obvious copyright infringement Yes
G13 {{db-afc}} Abandoned AFC submission Yes
A1 {{db-nocontext}} Can't determine subject Yes
A2 {{db-foreign}} From another Wikipedia Yes
A3 {{db-nocontent}} Empty or no useful content Yes
A5 {{db-transwiki}} Already been transwikied Yes
A7 {{db-a7}} No claim of significance Yes
A9 {{db-album}} Album with no claim of significance Yes
A10 {{db-same}} Duplicates an existing article Yes
A11 {{db-madeup}} Obviously invented Yes
F1 {{db-redundantimage}} Duplicates an existing image Yes
F2 {{db-noimage}} Corrupt or empty image Yes
F3 {{db-noncom}} Media with unacceptable license Yes
F4 {{db-unksource}} Media with unknown source No
F5 {{db-unfree}} Non-free license not used in articles No
F6 {{db-norat}} Fair use rationale needed No
F7 {{db-badfairuse}} Inappropriate fair use Yes
F8 {{db-nowcommons}} Moved to commons Yes
F9 {{db-filecopyvio}} Image copyright infringement Yes
F10 {{db-badfiletype}} Unused media of unsupported type Yes
F11 {{db-nopermission}} Missing evidence of permission No
C1 {{db-catempty}} Empty category Yes
C2 {{cfr-speedy}} Renaming/merging of category No
U1 {{db-userreq}} Requested by user Yes
U2 {{db-nouser}} Non-existent user Yes
U3 {{db-gallery}} User non-free image gallery Yes
U5 {{db-notwebhost}} WP:NOTWEBHOST violation Yes
R2 {{db-rediruser}} Cross-namespace redirect Yes
R3 {{db-redirtypo}} Implausible redirect Yes
T2 {{db-policy}} Mis-states policy Yes
T3 {{db-t3}} Duplication/hardcoded cases No
P1 {{db-p1}} Would be speedyable if an article No
P2 {{db-emptyportal}} Portal with too few articles Yes

This template is used to tag pages for speedy deletion under more than one of the speedy deletion criteria There is a separate template for each criterion – see the table to the right. Only codes with "Yes" in the Sppt column are supported by this template.

This template should be used when 2 or more speedy reasons both apply: for example a page may be both a copyright violation and blatant promotion, or both about a person with no asserted significance and an attack page. Listing both reasons avoids an editor going to trouble to fix one problem only to find the result re-tagged for speedy deletion for another reason. It also makes the scope of the problem clearer to the reviewing admin, who must consider whether to delete.

This template places the page in the category Candidates for speedy deletion, and in other specific categories depending on the particular criteria specified.

Usage[सम्पादन करी]

The template should be placed at the top of the page to be deleted.

Please consider notifying the user who created the page being tagged, and of any users who may have contributed to it substantially, with the {{db-notice-multiple}} template. See the template page for instructions on how to use it.

Parameters[सम्पादन करी]

Specify as unnamed parameters the list of criteria which apply to the page being tagged. For example, if a page is both promotional and about a non-notable person or group, use


Use the codes from the first column of the table to the right.

Some of the specific speedy deletion templates support or require additional named parameters. Specifically, for G6, G7 and G8 a "rationale=" parameter is permitted, and for G10, a "blanked=" parameter is permitted; for G12 and F9 a "url=" parameter is required; for A2 a "source=" parameter is required; for A10 a "article=" parameter is required. Simply specify these with the relevant parameter name should any of these codes be used.

Some of the specific speedy deletion templates support one or more unnamed positional parameters. These are not currently supported by this template.

The parameter "category=no" should be used on test pages (pages testing or demonstrating the use of this template) to avoid putting them in any of the speedy deletion categories.