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आकृति:Di-no source

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Usage[सम्पादन करी]

This template will categorize into Category:Wikipedia files with unknown source.
{{di-no source|non-free={yes|no}}}

The non-free parameter should be set to "yes" if the image is licensed under a fair use claim. This will set the date two days in advance rather than seven. Keep in mind, however, that under WP:NFCC, the uploader must be notified if that is the case.

This tag is invalid for images licensed under {{PD-ineligible}}, {{PD-simple}}, {{PD-shape}}, {{PD-chem}}, {{PD-logo}}, {{PD-old}}, or other images categorically ineligible for copyright, where the source is irrelevant to determining copyright status.

This tag should also not be used where an image is using a tag such as {{PD-self}}, {{self}}, Own work or otherwise claims the image is the author's own work. The correct way of proposing such images for deletion is WP:FFD or WP:PUF

Before using this tag it is the responsibility of the contributor tagging to ensure that there is no available source on Wikipedia for the media concerned.

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