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Outputs each of the parameters separated by commas or, between the first and last, the word " and ", preceded by a comma (this can be changed with the and= parameter). Up to eight parameters may be specfied.

It is intended for use by other templates to output a suitably formatted list when the number of parameters varies. It can currently handle between 0 and 8 parameters.

Usage[सम्पादन करी]

{{Enum|first|second|third| ... }}

The named parameters are:

after: The text to follow the final item. This might be a semicolon, for example. The default is to have no following text. This is not used if the list is empty (has no items).
and: The text to use where by default ",  and " is written. This may be overridden if there is a preference for a comma before the "and", or where it makes sense to write it in a language other than English, for example.
comma: The text to use between items except the last and one-before-last. If not specified, the default is ", ".
Any of these parameters can be set empty; this differs from them not being present (i.e. use the default).

Examples[सम्पादन करी]

More examples are given in the test cases.

Input Output
{{Enum|A}} A
{{Enum|A|B}} A आ B
{{Enum|A|B|C}} A, B आ C
{{Enum|A|B|C|D}} A, B, C आ D

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