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Displays a goal icon. Two optional parameters are available to display more details about the goal. Multiple goals can be indicated by repeating these parameters. A maximum of ten goals are supported this way; if you need more, call the template multiple times.


  • min – Shows at what time the goal was scored.
  • note – Adds a note for the goal. The following notes will automatically be wikilinked: o.g., pen., p and corner.

Leave the note parameter blank if you don't need it, but don't forget its pipe character if another goal comes after it.

  • {{goal}} → Goal
  • {{goal|67}} → Goal 67'
  • {{goal||o.g.}} → Goal (o.g.)
  • {{goal|44|o.g.}} → Goal 44' (o.g.)
  • {{goal|5||20||90+2|pen.}} → Goal 5'20'90+2' (pen.)
  • {{goal|14||54|p|72||87}} → Goal 14'54' (p)72'87'

Displaying only a note, without the time, is only supported for the first goal.

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