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Infobox model

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{{Infobox model}} may be used to summarize information about a person who is a model.

Usage[सम्पादन करी]

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. For an example, see Cindy Crawford.


मृत्यु कारण{{{death_cause}}}
अन्य नामसभ{{{other_names}}}
सक्रिय वर्ष{{{years_active}}}
प्रसिद्धि कारण{{{known_for}}}
मोडलिङ जानकारी
केसक रङ{{{hair_color}}}
आँखिक रङ{{{eye_color}}}
पहिरन आकार{{{dress_size}}}
जुत्ता आकार{{{shoe_size}}}

{{Infobox model
| name             = 
| image            = 
| image_size       = 
| alt              = 
| caption          = 
| native_name      = 
| native_name_lang = 
| birth_name       = 
| birth_date       = <!-- {{birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}} or {{birth date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| birth_place      = 
| death_date       = <!-- {{death date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| death_place      = 
| death_cause      = 
| residence        = 
| nationality      = 
| other_names      = 
| ethnicity        = 
| citizenship      = 
| alma_mater       = 
| occupation       = 
| years_active     = 
| known_for        = 
| spouse           = <!-- {{marriage|name|start|end}} -->
| partner          = <!-- unmarried life partner; use ''Name (1950–present)'' -->
| children         = 
| parents          = 
| relatives        = 
| height           = <!-- {{convert|X|ft|Y|in|m|2|abbr=on}} or {{convert|X|m|ftin|0|abbr=on}} -->
| weight           = <!-- {{convert|X|lb|kg|0|abbr=on}} or {{convert|X|kg|lb|0|abbr=on}} -->
| hair_color       = 
| eye_color        = 
| measurements     = 
| dress_size       = 
| collar           = 
| suit             = 
| shoe_size        = 
| agency           = 
| module           = 
| website          = <!-- {{URL|website}} -->

Parameters[सम्पादन करी]

name model's name; usually the article's page name (i.e. the model's common name)
image an image of the model, in the form: "Example.jpg"
image_size * in the form "Npx", resizes the image to a width of N pixels; default is frameless
alt * alt text for the image
caption * caption for the image
native_name The person's name in their own language, if different.
native_name_lang ISO 639-1 code e.g. "fr" for French. If more than one, use {{lang}} in |native_name= instead.
birth_name model's name at birth
birth_date model's date of birth; use {{birth date and age}} or {{birth date}} where possible
birth_place model's place of birth, if different
death_date model's date of death; use {{death date and age}} where possible
death_place model's place of death
residence used to denote from which country the person belongs/birthplace
nationality used to denote from which country the person belongs/birthplace
other_names aliases or nicknames for the model
ethnicity model's ethnicity
citizenship used to denote country of legal citizenship, if different from nationality. rarely needed. see usage notes for nationality above. should only be used if citizenship cannot be inferred from the birthplace. do not use a flag template
alma_mater alma mater. model's place of education
occupation model's occupation(s)
years_active years that the model was active in his/her career
spouse if applicable, name(s) of the model's spouse(s); use {{marriage}} where possible
partner if applicable, name(s) of the model's unmarried life partners (of any gender or sexual preference); use the format Name (1950–present) for current partner and Name (1970–1999) for former partner(s).
relatives notable persons related to the model
height model's height; use {{convert}} or {{convinfobox}} where possible
weight model's weight; use {{convinfobox}} where possible
hair_color or hair_colour model's hair color
eye_color or eye_colour model's eye color
measurements female model's Bust/waist/hip measurements
dress_size female model's dress size
collar male model's collar size
suit male model's suit size
shoe_size model's shoe size
agency agency/agencies for which the model currently works
website model's website; use {{URL}} where possible
* Only used if the {{{image}}} parameter is used.

Synonyms[सम्पादन करी]

Jane Doe
मोडलिङ जानकारी
केसक रङblack
आँखिक रङbrown

Jane Doe
मोडलिङ जानकारी
केसक रङred
आँखिक रङgreen

Variant spellings are permitted for two parameters, and they affect how the information is presented - "color" or "colour". The examples below display as at right:

{{Infobox model
| name        = Jane Doe
| hair_color  = black
| eye_color   = brown
{{Infobox model
| name        = Jane Doe
| hair_colour = red
| eye_colour  = green

Note that if both spellings are present, |eye_color= and |hair_color= are ignored.

Microformat[सम्पादन करी]

The HTML markup produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the person's details parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue articles across Wikipedia or via a browser tool operated by a reader, to (for example) add the subject to an address book or database. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

Sub-templates[सम्पादन करी]

Date-of-birth ("bday") information will only be included in the microformat if {{birth date}}, or {{birth date and age}} are used in the infobox. (Do not use these if the date is before 1583).

To include a URL, use {{URL}}.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.

Classes[सम्पादन करी]

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • bday
  • birthplace
  • category
  • country-name
  • deathdate
  • deathplace
  • extended-address
  • family-name
  • fn (required)
  • given-name
  • honorific-prefix
  • honorific-suffix
  • label
  • locality
  • n
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • role
  • url
  • vcard

Please do not rename or remove these classes nor collapse nested elements which use them.

See also[सम्पादन करी]