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{{Infobox officeholder}} incorporates the following templates (i.e. all the templates listed here). Please use the most appropriate name when placing this template on a page.

Usage[सम्पादन करी]

Paste the code for the relevant office and then add the personal data to the bottom. There are no required fields and some fields will not appear when others are in use. For instructions on how to implement multiple terms, see this page. For advice on alt text, see Wikipedia:Alternative text for images.

The parameter |order= is used in conjunction with |office= to state that the officeholder is the nth holder of the office, for example "2nd President of Mauritius". If |order= is not specified, the value of |office= can be wikilinked in the usual way, for example, "[[Ministry of Defence (Singapore)|Minister for Defence]]". However, if |order= is specified together with |office=, the value of |office= is automatically linked to a Wikipedia article of the same name, whether such an article exists or not. Wikilinking cannot be used to redirect the link elsewhere, but a piped link can be created like this: "Ministry of Defence (Singapore){{!}}Minister for Defence" (note that the double square brackets have been omitted).

When both a start and an end term are given, you can instead specify the complete term using the parameters |term=, |term