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प्रलेखन प्रतीक साँचा प्रलेखन[देखें] [संपादन] [इतिहास] [पर्ज]

This template is used to provide biographical information on anyone who might be considered a philosopher. This template is generally superseded by officeholder templates (if the philosopher held political or other public office; e.g. Alan Greenspan).

Usage[सम्पादन करी]

{{Infobox philosopher
| region           = 
| era              = 
| image            = 
| image_size       = 
| alt              = 
| caption          = 
| name             = 
| other_names      = 
| birth_date       = <!-- {{Birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}} for living philosophers, {{Birth date|YYYY|MM|DD}} for dead -->
| birth_place      = 
| death_date       = <!-- {{Death date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| death_place      = 
| school_tradition = 
| main_interests   = 
| notable_ideas    = 
| influences       = 
| influenced       = 
| signature        = 
| signature_alt    = 
| quote            = 
| website          = <!-- {{URL|example.com}} -->

To use this template, copy the text above to the top of a biography article. Note that parameter names are lowercase.

Parameters[सम्पादन करी]

All parameters are optional, and if left blank will not appear in the infobox;

Microformats[सम्पादन करी]

The HTML markup produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the person's details parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue articles across Wikipedia or via a browser tool operated by a reader, to (for example) add the subject to an address book or database. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

Sub-templates[सम्पादन करी]

Date-of-birth ("bday") information will only be included in the microformat if {{birth date}}, or {{birth date and age}} are used in the infobox. (Do not use these if the date is before 1583).

To include a URL, use {{URL}}.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.

Classes[सम्पादन करी]

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • bday
  • birthplace
  • category
  • country-name
  • deathdate
  • deathplace
  • extended-address
  • family-name
  • fn (required)
  • given-name
  • honorific-prefix
  • honorific-suffix
  • label
  • locality
  • n
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • role
  • url
  • vcard

Please do not rename or remove these classes nor collapse nested elements which use them.