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स्क्रिप्ट त्रुटि: "Lang/documentor tool" ऐसा कोई मॉड्यूल नहीं है। Because this is English Wikipedia, the facts that a) the content is in English by default, and that b) the word "English" refers to the English language, are generally taken to be understood. Unlike many multilingual support templates, this template does not link the language name by default. To activate the link, add the |link=yes parameter.

In most cases, there is no reason to use this template, unless you have a specific technical need for it. This template exists principally as a placeholder for interwiki purposes.

Legitimate use almost always involves automation. The vast majority of needed uses of this template are cases where {{lang-xx}} has values, possibly including en, inserted for xx automatically by software tools such as templates and bots.

Some editors would also include using it in lists and tables that are using other such templates (e.g. {{lang-es}} for Spanish) to provide multiple translations of something, where consistency of output is desirable. However even in these cases it is better to use plain text, because  {{lang-en|foo}}  is three characters longer than simply  English: foo  and wastes performance on template parsing. That said, the form {{lang-en|foo}} could be useful in such a table in a linguistics or language usage article, where a link to English language could be genuinely relevant in the context.

It is rarely ever useful in ordinary article prose. Instead, for translating a foreign word, use {{gloss}}:

  • {{lang-es|casa}}, {{gloss|house}}


rather than:

  • {{lang-es|casa}}, {{lang-en|'house'}}


which is pointless on en.wikipedia.org.