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This template allows AstRoBot to update orbital elements automatically, using data from the Heavens-Above and n2yo websites. (Note that due to recent changes to the Heavens Above website, future support for this source may be discontinued).

Do not use this template on articles for spacecraft which are not currently in Earth orbit. Please read the instructions fully before setting up automatic updates. Consider discussing updates on the article's talk page or at the WikiProject talk page beforehand to ensure AstRoBot is suitable for that article.

Usage[सम्पादन करी]

Before using this template, it is recommended that you begin a discussion on the article's talk page and determine whether there is a consensus for that article to contain automatically updated orbital elements.

  • {{Orbit|<parameter name>|<initial value>}} to display a parameter in the article
  • {{Orbit|<parameter name>|<initial value>|hide}} for a control parameter which is not displayed

Two control parameters; epoch and satcat are required for the bot to retrieve data. It is strongly recommended that they be displayed in the article, however the hide parameter is available if it is needed.

The template can be nested inside others, such as {{convert}} for the apogee, perigee, altitude at epoch and semi-major axis:

  • {{Convert|{{Orbit|<parameter name>|<initial value>}}|km|mi}}

Use of this template for spacecraft outside Earth orbit is not recommended.

Setting up[सम्पादन करी]

प्रयोगकर्ता:AstRoBot/How to set up automatic updates

Supported parameters[सम्पादन करी]

Data Parameter name Infobox field Units Remarks
Argument of perigee arg of perigee orbit_arg_periapsis degrees
Apogee apogee orbit_apoapsis kilometres
Altitude at epoch altitude at epoch (none) kilometres
Eccentricity eccentricity orbit_eccentricity dimensionless
Epoch date epoch orbit_epoch n/a (date) required
Epoch time epoch time included in orbit_epoch n/a (time) Include, along with epoch, for greater precision
Inclination inclination orbit_inclination degrees
Mean anomaly mean anomaly orbit_mean_anomaly degrees
True anomaly true anomaly (none) degrees
Eccentric anomaly eccentric anomaly (none) degrees
Number of orbits completed orbits orbits_completed
dimensionless Updates two infobox fields - orbits_completed is intended as a total over the spacecraft's lifetime, while rev_number is specific to the displayed elset. From the bot's perspective, using the most up-to-date information, they are identical
Perigee perigee periapsis kilometres
Right ascension of the ascending node RAAN orbit_RAAN degrees
Speed at epoch speed at epoch n/a kilometres per second Not suitable for eccentric orbits
Average Speed average speed orbit_velocity kilometres per second
Mean motion mean motion orbit_mean_motion dimensionless Given in orbits per day
Orbital period period orbit_period minutes
Semi-major axis semimajor axis orbit_semimajor kilometres
Citation ref (none) n/a (string) Provides a reference to the page the orbital elements were obtained from. Must only include a reference, wrapped in <ref> tags
Satellite Catalog Number satcat SATCAT n/a (string) Required, not updated (constant) - used to identify satellite
Data source datasource n/a n/a HN, NH, H or N
Specifies whether the bot uses Heavens-Above (H) or n2yo (N) for orbit data, and if both are selected the order of preference. Defaults to NH (n2yo then heavens-above)

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