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Usage[सम्पादन करी]

Use {{pad}} to insert a horizontally padding HTML <span> inline. The template takes one unnamed parameter; a width value specified in px, em or ex (other CSS units – in, cm, pc, pt – are supported as well, but not recommended, typically at 96dpi conversion ratio). The default is 1 em.

The result is the specified padding followed by an &nbsp; (non-breaking space – at 100% font size (8pt), typically 3px wide in narrow fonts like Arial and Tahoma, 4px in wider fonts like Arial Black and Verdana).

Examples[सम्पादन करी]

Indenting by 50 pixels plus an &nbsp; (53px in Arial):

  • Indenting 50px causes<br />{{pad|50px}}this amount of space.


  • Indenting 50px causes
     this amount of space.

Width of a typical year-range in Arial font (4.8em plus an &nbsp;):

  • 1492–1540 Exploration by<br />{{pad|4.8em}}Columbus & others.


  • 1492–1540 Exploration by
     Columbus & others.

However, some digits require less space:

  • 1111–1117 Exploration by<br />{{pad|4.4em}}Explorer Bob.


  • 1111–1117 Exploration by
     Explorer Bob.

Spacing is, of course, different between fonts, too:

Note: 1em is typically 11.2px at 100% font size (8 point), 21.3px at 200% font size (16 point), and 32px at 300% font size (24pt).