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The Template:Poptoday calculates the estimated daily population, based on parameters for a known base plus daily increment value. The template name "poptoday" can be used as an accessor template with the {Data...} template family, such as with "{{Data United States|poptoday}}".


  • "{{data United States|poptoday}}" → "337707000" [१]
    "{{data United States|poptoday|formatnum}}" gives "३३,७७,०७,०००"
  • "{{data world|poptoday}}" → "8115250000" [२]
    "{{data world|poptoday|formatnum}}" gives "८,११,५२,५०,०००"

The current population, for today, is estimated by extrapolation, using a base population count on a base date, and extrapolating, based on the observed increase per day.

The increase is 30 ppm/day for the world, and for a country usually between 10 and 50 ppm/day. Since the estimate is based on the day, not on the time of day, the precision is at most 10 ppm, so there are at most 6 significant digits in the estimated population count.

Parameters[सम्पादन करी]

The following parameters are used by {poptoday}:

2=comma - put commas in population count (same as: 2=formatnum)
2=formatnum - put commas in population count (same as: 2=comma)
popbase - the base count of the population
popinc - the daily increment of the population
popbasemonth - the month of the population base count
popbaseday - the day of the population base count
popbaseyear - the year of the population base count

Whenever "poptoday" is used as an accessor template, then the parameter values are set inside the host template.

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