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आकृति:Railway line header

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This template defines a suitable Wiki table style for including the Wikipedia:Route diagram template. Notice that this template does not include the command {| for calling out the Wiki table, you must write it yourself before this template.

  • 1, additional CSS styling.
  • collapse, collapsible state. "Show" by default, input yes to hide the table.

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[सम्पादन करी]
{|{{railway line header|collapse=yes}}
{{BS-header|Railway line header||||350px}}
{{BS|KBHFa||{{tl|Railway line header}}|float to right}}
{{BS|BHF||{{tl|Railway line header2}}|float to right, uncollapsible}}
{{BS|BHF||{{tl|Railway line header (center)}}|align to center}}
{{BS|KBHFe||{{tl|Railway line header2 (center)}}|align to center, uncollapsible}}
|} <!-- for closing the {| opened by BS-table. -->
|} <!-- for closing the {| at the beginning. -->