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This template removes the File: and Image: prefixes from file names.


{{remove file prefix|Example.svg}} → Example.svg

{{remove file prefix|File:Example.svg}} → Example.svg

{{remove file prefix|FILE:Example.svg}} → Example.svg

{{remove file prefix|Image:Example.svg}} → Example.svg

{{remove file prefix|IMAGE:Example.svg}} → Example.svg

{{remove file prefix|Other:Example.svg}} → Other:Example.svg

This technically works for any valid namespace, but is rarely needed there:

{{remove file prefix|Portal talk:Example.svg}} → Portal talk:Example.svg

It will also strip interwiki links:

{{remove file prefix|:Commons:Example.svg}} →


{{remove file prefix|commons:Example.svg}} → commons:Example.svg

{{remove file prefix|:sv:Example.svg}} →


However, it will fail for more complicated situations:

{{remove file prefix|:sv:File:Example.svg}} →


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