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Usage[सम्पादन करी]

This template is used to insert a quick and easy positive notice with high visibility (because it is green) on project and discussion pages (like the following sentence). Only use this template on non-article pages. (It cannot actually be used in articles; it will generate an error.) In situations where color is not relevant (color blindness, screen readers, etc.), it renders exactly the same as {{strong}} (to which it is a CSS-styled call). It is the opposite of the {{strongbad}} template.

{{stronggood|text to be emphasized}}

or, if the text to be emphasized contains an equals sign:

{{stronggood|1=text to be emphasized}}

These both render as:

text to be emphasized

It is safest to always use the |1= syntax.

This template puts intentional and explicit <strong>...</strong> (strong emphasis) [X]HTML markup around the text provided as the first parameter.

Because some people are color blind, and some use screen readers, this template should not be used in a manner in which only the color indicates the difference between the content being marked up and other content; it's simply a visual aid for those who can use it.

Parameters[सम्पादन करी]

See Template:Em#Optional parameters.

See also[सम्पादन करी]

  • {{xt}} inline positive example text, in green, with serif font
  • {{bxt}} same as {{xt}} but uses bold instead of serif font
  • {{mxt}} same as {{xt}} but uses mono-spaced font (especially useful in source code)
  • {{xt2}} same as {{xt}} but for blocks of text
  • {{!xt}} inline negative example text, in red, with serif font
  • {{!bxt}} same as {{!xt}} but uses boldface
  • {{!mxt}} same as {{!xt}} but uses mono-spaced font
  • {{!xt2}} same as {{!xt}} but for blocks
  • {{xtd}} inline deprecated (or uncertain, unavailable, lorem, etc.) example text, in grey
  • {{bxtd}} same as {{xtd}} but uses boldface
  • {{mxtd}} same as {{xtd}} but uses mono-spaced font
  • {{xtn}} inline neutral example text, with no color change, when none of the above applies
  • {{bxtn}} same as {{xtn}} but uses boldface; it still applies a CSS class, so it's not simply boldfacing
  • {{dc}} inline deprecated or deleted code or text; {{dc2}} variant has strikethrough (both explicitly use the <del> element)