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This template is no longer used within the automated taxobox system; its functions are performed within Module:Autotaxobox. It is left available for testing purposes only.

It creates a wikilinked taxon name for use in a taxobox or other listing of taxa, dealing appropriately with italicization, the extinct indication "†" and the query indication "(?)".

The necessary information is obtained from "Template:Taxonomy/taxon", which must exist.

Usage[सम्पादन करी]

{{Taxon link|taxon|italic=yes|bold=yes|virus=yes}}

  • taxon is a string (a taxon name or a qualified taxon name) for which there is a taxonomy template "Template:Taxonomy/taxon"
  • |italic=yes forces an italic taxon name; if omitted altogether, the taxon's rank will be used to determine whether it should it italicized
  • |bold=yes produces an emboldened taxon name instead of a wikilink; it may be omitted altogether.
  • |virus=yes italicizes using the standard for virus taxa; it may be omitted altogether.