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See top of page! Unsorted units[सम्पादन करी]

These can be for quick additions, sorted out later.

|bit/s =bit/s |bps =bit/s |kbit/s=kbit/s |Mbit/s=Mbit/s |Gbit/s=Gbit/s |Tbit/s=Tbit/s



|lbf=[[Pound (force)|आकृति:Lbf]] |lbm=[[Pound (mass)|आकृति:Lbm]]


See top of page! Time and frequency[सम्पादन करी]

|year =year |years=years |yr =yr |y =y

|Ga=Ga |Ma=Ma |ka=ka

|kyr=kyr |kya=kya |myr=myr |mya=mya |byr=byr |bya=bya |Gyr=Ga

|BP=BP |uBP=14C yr BP

|s-1=s−1 |s-2=s−2 |s2= s2

| s=s |as=as |cs=cs |das=das |ds=ds |Es=Es |fs=fs |Gs=Gs |hs=hs |ks=ks |ms=ms |µs=µs |mus=µs |Ms=Ms |ns=ns |ps=ps |Ps=Ps |Ts=Ts |Ys=Ys |ys=ys |Zs=Zs |zs=zs

| Hz=Hz |aHz=aHz |cHz=cHz |daHz=daHz |dHz=dHz |EHz=EHz |fHz=fHz |hHz=hHz |GHz=GHz |kHz=kHz |MHz=MHz |mHz=mHz |muHz=µHz |µHz=µHz |nHz=nHz |pHz=pHz |PHz=PHz |THz=THz |yHz=yHz |YHz=YHz |zHz=zHz |ZHz=ZHz

The following units may not work for four-digit year numbers, but work for one, two, or three digit year numbers. Note also that Val will place "AD" after the year, but placing "AD" before the year is sometimes preferred, per the MoS.


See top of page! Mass and Energy[सम्पादन करी]

|kWh=kWh |kW.h|kW·h=kW⋅h

|N.m-1|N*m-1=N⋅m−1 |muJ=µJ




| g=g |ag=ag |cg=cg |dag=dag |dg=dg |Eg=Eg |fg=fg |Gg=Gg |hg=hg |kg=kg |mcg=μg |mcg=µg |Mg=Mg |mg=mg |mug=µg |µg=µg |ng=ng |Pg=Pg |pg=pg |Tg=Tg |yg=yg |Yg=Yg |zg=zg |Zg=Zg

See top of page! Pressure and density[सम्पादन करी]

| Pa=Pa |MPa=MPa |KPa=KPa |GPa=GPa


|g/cm3=g/cm3 |kg/m3=kg/m3 |kg/cm3=kg/cm3

|g/L|g/l=g/L |mcg/dL|mcg/dl=µg/dL |mg/mL|mg/ml=mg/mL |mug/dL|mug/dl=µg/dL |μg/dL|μg/dl=μg/dL

See top of page! Velocity and acceleration[सम्पादन करी]

|m/s2=m/s2 |m.s-2|m*s-2=m⋅s−2 |m/s=m/s |m.s-1|m*s-1=m⋅s−1

See top of page! Electromagnetism[सम्पादन करी]


|N.A-2|N*A-2=N⋅A−2 |H.m-1|H*m-1=H⋅m−1

|V/m=V/m |V.m-1|V*m-1=V⋅m−1

|C=C |F=F |H=H |R=R

| A=A |aA=aA |cA=cA |dA=dA |daA=daA |EA=EA |fA=fA |GA=GA |hA=hA |kA=kA |mA=mA |MA=MA |muA=µA |µA=µA |nA=nA |pA=pA |PA=PA |TA=TA |yA=yA |YA=YA |zA=zA |ZA=ZA

| V=V |cV=cV |daV=daV |dV=dV |EV=EV |fV=fV |GV=GV |hV=hV |kV=kV |muV=µV |µV=µV |mV=mV |MV=MV |nV=nV |pV=pV |PV=PV |TV=TV |VV=VV |yV=yV |YV=YV |zV=zV |ZV=ZV

| G=G |aG=aG |cG=cG |daG=daG |dG=dG |EG=EG |fG=fG |GG=GG |hG=hG |kG=kG |MG=MG |mG=mG |muG=µG |µG=µG |nG=nG |PG=PG |pG=pG |TG=TG |yG=yG |YG=YG |zG=zG |ZG=ZG

| T=T |aT=aT |cT=cT |daT=daT |dT=dT |ET=ET |fT=fT |GT=GT |hT=hT |kT=kT |MT=MT |mT=mT |muT=µT |µT=µT |nT=nT |PT=PT |pT=pT |TT=TT |yT=yT |YT=YT |zT=zT |ZT=ZT

See top of page! Length, area, volume[सम्पादन करी]

|m-1=m−1 |m-2=m−2 |m-3=m−3

|km2=km2 |km3=km3

|m=m |meter=m |metre=m |am=am |cm=cm |dam=dam |dm=dm |Em=Em |fm=fm |Gm=Gm |hm=hm |km=km |Mm=Mm |mm=mm |mum=µm |µm=µm |nm=nm |Pm=Pm |pm=pm |Tm=Tm |Ym=Ym |ym=ym |Zm=Zm |zm=zm

|µm2=µm2 |am2=am2 |cm2=cm2 |dam2=dam2 |dm2=dm2 |Em2=Em2 |fm2=fm2 |Gm2=Gm2 |hm2=hm2 |mm2=mm2 |Mm2=Mm2 |nm2=nm2 |pm2=pm2 |Pm2=Pm2 |Tm2=Tm2 |ym2=ym2 |Ym2=Ym2 |zm2=zm2 |Zm2=Zm2

|gal=gal |muGal|µGal=µGal

See top of page! Temperature[सम्पादन करी]

|degC|°C=°C |degF|°F=°F |degR|°R=°R |deg=°

| K=K |aK=aK |cK=cK |daK=daK |dK=dK |EK=EK |fK=fK |GK=GK |hK=hK |kK=kK |MK=MK |mK=mK |muK=µK |µK=µK |nK=nK |PK=PK |pK=pK |TK=TK |yK=yK |YK=YK |zK=zK |ZK=ZK

See top of page! Astrophysics[सम्पादन करी]

|c=c |ly=ly

|Earth mass=M |Earth radius=R |M_Earth=M |R_Earth=R |Jupiter mass=MJ |Jupiter radius=RJ |M_Jupiter=MJ |R_Jupiter=RJ |Solar mass=M |solar mass=M |M_Solar=M |M_solar=M |R_Solar=R |R_solar=R |Solar radius=R |solar radius=R |Solar luminosity=L |solar luminosity=L |L_solar=L |L_Solar=L

|pc2=pc2 |pc3=pc3 |kpc2=kpc2 |kpc3=kpc3 |kpc=kpc |Mpc2=Mpc2 |Mpc3=Mpc3 |Mpc=Mpc |Gpc2=Gpc2 |Gpc3=Gpc3 |Gpc=Gpc

See top of page! Nuclear Physics and Chemistry[सम्पादन करी]



|osmol=osmol |Osm= Osm

|kg/mol= kg/mol |kg.mol-1|kg*mol-1=kg⋅mol−1 |g/mol = g/mol |g.mol-1|g*mol-1 =g⋅mol−1

| eV/c2=eV/c2 |keV/c2=keV/c2 |MeV/c2=MeV/c2 |GeV/c2=GeV/c2 |TeV/c2=TeV/c2


| eV=eV |mev=meV |keV=keV |MeV=MeV |GeV=GeV |TeV=TeV

|J/mol= J/mol |J.mol-1|J*mol-1= J⋅mol−1 |kJ.mol-1|kJ*mol-1=kJ⋅mol−1 |kJ/mol= kJ/mol |MJ.mol-1|MJ*mol-1=MJ⋅mol−1 |MJ/mol= MJ/mol |GJ/mol= GJ/mol |GJ.mol-1|GJ*mol-1=GJ⋅mol−1 |TJ.mol-1|TJ*mol-1=TJ⋅mol−1 |TJ/mol= TJ/mol

See top of page! Numbers and phrases[सम्पादन करी]

|ppb=ppb |ppm=ppm

|billiard=billiard |billion= billion |billionth=billionth |billionths=billionths

|decilliard=decilliard |decillion=decillion |decillionth=decillionth |decillionths=decillionths


|nonilliard=nonilliard |nonillion=nonillion |nonillionth=nonillionth |nonillionths=nonillionths

|octilliard=octilliard |octillion=octillion |octillionth=octillionth |octillionths=octillionths

|quadrilliard=quadrilliard |quadrillion=quadrillion |quadrillionth=quadrillionth |quadrillionths=quadrillionths

|quintilliard=quintilliard |quintillion=quintillion |quintillionth=quintillionth |quintillionths=quintillionths

|septilliard=septilliard |septillion=septillion |septillionth=septillionth |septillionths=septillionths

|sextilliard=sextilliard |sextillion=sextillion |sextillionth=sextillionth |sextillionths=sextillionths

|trilliard=trilliard |trillion=trillion |trillionth=trillionth |trillionths=trillionths

See top of page! See also[सम्पादन करी]

See top of page! Notes[सम्पादन करी]


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