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Usage[सम्पादन करी]

This template defines a bot-generated list based on Wikidata (original blog post). It must be "closed" with {{Wikidata list end}}; the text between these two templates will be periodically (once every 24h) replaced by the bot-generated list. At this moment, only one list per page is possible.

The query MUST include the ?item variable - do not rename it.

It is also possible to combine usage with the Mbabel tool, for Wikipedia article drafts based on a particular Wikidata query - see Wikipedia:Mbabel/Collections.

Use in mainspace[सम्पादन करी]

The use of this template and ListeriaBot to maintain lists in article space is contentious. There is currently no project-wide consensus on whether it is generally appropriate,[१] but in several specific instances the local consensus has been to disable it.[२][३] Editors should exercise caution and seek consensus on the article's talk page if the template is objected to.

Example[सम्पादन करी]

{{Wikidata list|sparql=
 ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q39715 .
 ?item (wdt:P131)* wd:Q55
... (This will be overwritten by ListeriaBot) ... {{Wikidata list end}}

Parameters[सम्पादन करी]

A SPARQL SELECT query. See SPARQL query service examples where many are suitable for Listeria. Needs to return ?item as the item number. Double curly brackets (for example "}}") should be avoided, for example by inserting a space between them ("} }"). Mandatory.
Defines the columns of the list table. Allowed values are :
  • number, a serial row number (per section), increasing from 1, according to the initial sorting
  • label, the wiki-language-based label of the item, linked to the local article (where exists), or the Wikidata item. Labels without values for the wiki-language will show the english label as a fallback
  • label/de, the wiki-language-based label of the item, using the given language (here, "de"), as plain text. Labels without values for the requested language will show the english label as a fallback
  • description, the manual, or auto-generated description
  • item, the Q item number
  • Pxxx a Wikidata property
  • Pxxx/Pzzz, qualifier properties; for Pxxx linking to an item Qyyy and having a Pzzz qualifier, the Qxxx linked label and the value of Pzzz
  • Pxxx/Qyyy/Pzzz, qualifier properties; for Pxxx linking to an item Qyyy and having a Pzzz qualifier, the value of Pzzz. This is a version of the above, specific for a single item; e.g., "p553/q866/p554" to get YouTube account names.
  • ?fieldname, a SPARQL result field name (variable).
A column header is specified by adding ":Header" to the column definition, otherwise the Wikidata property name is used. For quantities (numerical properties) where lower and upper bounds are indicated as nominal value +/- tolerance (for example 15 +/- 5), only the nominal value (15) is shown. Mandatory
The initial sort key for the table. Valid values are:
  • label, the label of the item
  • family_name, tries to find, and sort by, the family (last) name from the label, assuming items are people. This is a heuristic and may not work properly in all cases. If possible, try to sort by P734 (family name).
  • Pxxx, a Wikidata property
The list can be sectioned by a Wikidata property. Optional
The minimum number of entries to generate a section when used together with section. All other entries will be put under section "misc". Default:2. Optional
If description is a column but no description exists on Wikidata, "autolist=fallback" uses AutoDesc to generate one. Optional
Label/description language, if different from site language. Optional
The thumbnail width for images (e.g. column P18). Default:128. Optional
How to render links (properties with datatype item) not in the local Wikipedia. Valid values are:
  • all to link to Wikidata. Default.
  • local to remove entries for which there exists no local article (the opposite of red_only).
  • red to generate red links based on label and item.
  • red_only to remove entries for which there exists a local article (the opposite of local).
  • text to generate blue links for existing pages, and plain text otherwise.
  • reasonator to generate blue links for existing pages, and links to Reasonator otherwise.
Generates a template call rather than a table row; the template must then generate the table row in turn or the table header/footer need to be suppressed using skip_table parameter. Parameters passed to the template are the lower-case keys from the columns parameter, e.g. label or p18. Optional
Generates a template call rather than a table header; the template must then generate the table header. No parameters are passed to this template. Recommended to be used with row_template. Optional
Suppresses the table markup completely when using row_template. Any value will work.
Generates information that allows Wikidata editing from Wikipedia using this JavaScript. Value needs to be yes. Does not work when row_template is used. Caution: This will result in larger wikitext than normal, and updates may fail because of that. Optional
Add references. Allowed value is all. Requires {{reflist}} or similar somewhere in the page. Optional
Numerical value X; wait at least X days before an automatic update. Does not affect updates via web interface. Optional
Comma-separated list of keys to add as a summary underneath all other content. Optional
  • itemnumber The total number of items (rows) in this list.

References[सम्पादन करी]