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(→‎Article creation: नव अनुभाग)
'''राजा उप्रेतीजी,''' [[User:Biplab Anand|बिप्लब]]जीके [[User_talk:Biplab Anand|वार्ता पृष्ठ]]सँ सन्देश हटएली य । कुनो भी प्रयोगकर्ताके वार्ता पृष्ठसँ सन्देश नै हटाऊ । ई विकिपिडियाक एक नियम अन्तरगत परैत अछि । '''धन्यवाद !!''' — [[User:Tulsi Bhagat|<font color="black"><font face="Comic Sans MS">'''तुल्सी भगत'''</font></font>]] <small>([[User_talk:Tulsi Bhagat|<font color="black"><font face="Comic Sans MS">वार्तालाप</font></font>]])</small> २३:०४, १० अक्टुबर २०१६ (NPT)
== Article creation ==
Hello Raza,
You are one of the active user here in maiwiki. The way you are creating articles is really not fulfilling the requirements. I mean to say, The size of your most of the article are about 500 bytes with no infobox, no sources, no external links and not added to the wikidata. I request you to keep things in mind while creating articles here. Thanks--[[Image:Star_प्रमुख.png|30px]][[User:बिप्लब आनन्द|'''<font color="#008000"><b>बिप्लब आनन्द</b></font>''']] [[User_talk:बिप्लब आनन्द|(<small>'''वार्ता'''</small>)]] १७:०९, १६ अक्टुबर २०१६ (NPT)


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